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Richard Vincent Narag
'''Dr. Richard Vincent Narag''' MD, INVR, BSN (January 14, 1977 – Present), was a Filipino polymath, scientist , religious leader and prominent advocate of fruitarian diet holistic health in the Philippines.
Born to a poor family in the province of , Nueva Vizcaya, the eldest son of Rev. Ricardo B. Narag and Prof. Erlinda Vicente. Dr. Narag attended the Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila as scholar of society, earning a Bachelor in Science of Biology. He was given scholarship to study Medicine at the Our Lady of Fatima University earning the degree of Licentiate in Medicine , he also took Bachelor of Nursing, and Care Giving NCII (TESDA)  He was a prolific poet, author, inventor, pastor, nurse, teacher, semiotician , chryptographer, public servant, puzzle master, musician, computer specialist, and novelist.

I. Doctor and Public Servant

As a public servant and a man of God ( As the people describe him) he established a non stock and non profit institution PEACE Medical. Training Center INC, which provides a free holistic medical, surgical and obstetrical consultation to all Senior citizens, Brgy. Tanods, Brgy. Health Workers, Public School Teachers, Pregnant and Indigent clients. According to some people who received Free Holistic Health service. Dr Narag did it to extend the blessing and the love of God especially to the unfortunate people in our country, Dr. Narag said “Repent from your sins and Accept our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ in your heart as personal Lord and Savior, Life is a blessing live it to Worship and Serve God above all”.

II. Inventor
Dr. Richard Vincent Narag was only 18 years of age when he became the youngest member of Filipino Inventors Society, by inventing the following utility model like Lifetime Calendar, puzzles, game boards, pollution protector, medicines, computer gadgets at computer softwares. The Lifetime became its popular invention under Utility Model UM 2-1999-000170 it is a calendar that you can give you the exact day of any year from the past even year 1 or any year in the past, any date in our present and, any date in future even year 2200 up to year 3000.You can search the said invention on just type the Utility Model Registration No. 2-1999-000170.

In the said inventions as mentioned above, Dr Narag was awarded by the following awarding bodies.
2. NATIONAL BIOGRAPHIC AND HISTORICAL RESEARCH,as “HUWARAN NG KABATAAN AWARD”. For His Meritorious Work in the field of Science and Invention in his Youthful Age.

4. Candidate for being the TEN OUTSTADING YOUNG MEN (TOYM AWARD) of the Philippines
III. Poet
Dr. Narag was a prolific poet he had a lot of poems like My Star, Today, ABCD, You, Serendipity, Teacher, and the most popular poem he wrote is the poem entitled “Language of Love” a poem wherein the word I LOVE YOU in different languages (70 languages) is made to a poem.
Language of Love
( I love you in Different languages)
Ani ohev otakh of Israel,Enigmatic phrase that rangs the bell
Vigor and life within your cell,Words I need to whisper you and tell
Te Dua the magic of Albania,Ana behibak of Arabia
Volim te sparks in Bosnia,Bon saleng oun in Cambodia
 Obicham te of Bulgaria,Qanta Munami in Bolivia
Ya te volim words of Croatia,Ma armastan sind in Estonia
Simple Afgreki of Ethiopia,or Querote of Galicia
Long Me shen miqvarhar of Georgia, but the longest is
Hun tane pyar karuchhun of Gujarati India
The simplest Na lia of Africa, Es tevi milu of Latvia
Tave myliu of Lithuania, or Te Iubesc of Romania
It is the horizon spring of our aorta,
That magnifies even the iota, dance in the tune of cha cha
Or sing the arrows of acapela
Tongue Twisting Ya tyebya lyublyu of Russia
Ja te volim in Serbia,Waan Ku jecelahay of Somalia
Lubim ta of Slovakai, or Ljubim te of Slovenia
Bhebbek with smile in Syria or Naan Unnai Kadalikiren of India 
It sounds Ha eh bak in Tunisia, Mo feran e in Nigeria
Tere dust darme in Persia, Parting words Nali ku temwa of Zambia
As we travel around Europa ,Soaring high over the edges of America
Or the mountainous valley of Asia we still can find this words
Even in the wonderful and dream world of Fantasia
 Ek is life vir jou word From Afrikaans Imog Di of Bavarian
Eu te amo of Brazilian ,as te amo of Catalan
Sweet Mouen damou’w of Caribean,Mina rakastan sinua in finland
Kiss as Querote of Galicia,Ich liebe dich in German

Aloha wau ia oe in Hawaiian, As szeretlek of Hungarian
Freezing Eg elska pig in Iceland or Ta gra agam dhuit of Ireland
Only the heart can explain, Why this words never restrain?
In loud melody of music they are sustained, joyful like rain

Its Aisteru in Japan, and saraham nida in Korean
Ego te amo of Vatican, Yokwe yule of marshall island
I eu tu aime of Occitan, Vibrating Dooset daram of Iran
With a smile kocham cie of Poland and a bow of wo ai ni in Taiwan
Pom rak kun in Thailand, La tebe kokhayu of Ukrainian
Karta hum in Pakistan and Jas te saham of Macedonian
This words are more than what you see, open your soul to be free
And if we only give all to Thee, Believe me it’s a wonderful spree
Sagapo in Greece sparks, jeg elsker in Denmark
Like Je taime in French , To your heart’s deep trench
Inhobbok whispers in malta, or Nkwagala nyo of Uganda
Wo ai ni of Manadarin China,or Ngo oy lei in Canto Shina
This words may sound stranged 
Everywhere, around the world ,eto pala sa Philippines na
Alam mo Ba   Mahal na mahal kanya .
                                                       Loving you :
                                                                                                Jesus Christ
IV. Writer and Author
Dr. Narag wrote many books which includes the following Guitar Genius (10 Volumes), Invertogram Genius (5 Volumes), Bible Quiz Genius (50 Volumes), Ice Breaker Genius (10 Volumes), Way of Love, Skills and Rationale for Nurses, Explanation of the Unknown (10 Volumes), Mastering Medical Books Series (60 Volumes), The Arts and Science of Giving Care and The Science and Arts of Saving Lives (15 Volumes).<ref>Dr. Richard Vincent Narag, 2009, “The Arts and Science of Giving Care” Happy Hands Publishing House. Caloocan City, Philippines, ISBN 978-971-94592-3-1</ref> In his books The Arts and Science of Giving Care , The Science and Arts of Saving Lives and Way of Love Dr. Narag coined the word Biophysicopsychoemotiointellectosocioculturosexospirito a 55 letter word which signifies that man has biophysical. psychoemotional, intellectual, socialcultural,sexual and spiritual aspect that interacts with one another resulting to intrapersonal or interpersonal synergy or desynergy. Biophysicopsychoemotiointellectosocioculturosexospirito is now considered to be the longest word in English and its tagalong version The 47 letter word Biopisikosaykoemosyointelectososyoseksoespirito which is also the longest word in the Philippines . <ref> Dr. Richard Vincent Narag, 2009, “The Arts and Science of Giving Care” Happy Hands Publishing House. Caloocan City, Philippines, ISBN 978-971-94592-3-1</ref> <ref>Dr. RVN, 2009, “Way of Love” Happy Hands Publishing House. Caloocan City, Philippines, ISBN 978-971-94592-2-4</ref> <ref>S.Nuevo, 2009, “Skills and Rationale for Paramedics and Caregivers” Happy Hands Publishing House. Catbalogan City, Philippines, ISBN 978-971-94592-4-8</ref><ref>{{cite web|url=||accessdate=2009-10-24}}</ref>
V. Philosopher
Dr. Narag books made him to be one of the great philosopher in our modern times and are some of his contribution.
1. The Ultimate definition of Health.
                As a Medical Doctor he defines Health.
“Health is the dynamic state of having a balance or wellbeing in the biophysical, psychological, emotional , social, sexual, and spiritual aspect of man and the ability to maintain it to the fullest extent”.
2. The Ultimate definition of Man.
       Dr. Narag concisely defined man in holistic way he said
Man as a functionally dynamic biophysical, psycho-emotional, intellectual, social, sexual and spiritual (biophysicopsychoemotiointellectosociosexospirito) being in which the totality of each aspect is synergistic or desynergistic (antithy) to each other.
      Understanding the meaning of man and its aspects leads to better provision of care to attain human functional wellbeing. Theaspects of Man includes the following
               1. Biophysical                       4. Intellectual            7. Spiritual
               2. Psychological                    5. Social
               3. Emotion                             6. Sexual
Synergy simply means working together and it occurs when one aspect of a person interact in ways that enhance or magnify one or more. It further describes a situation where different parts cooperate advantageously for a final outcome. In human, synergy is best exhibited in interactions.
Interpersonal Synergy
Say person A alone can walk for 2 kilometers, person B can walk 3 kilometers if they walk together they can walk not only 5 kilometers but greater than 5 it can be 7 kilometers .In synergy  1 + 1= >2 or 1 + 1= 2.5 or 1+1 = 7 it can be 1+1 = 9

Intrapersonal Synergy
Synergy is also displayed intrapersonally. That is, when two or more aspects of an individual, say intellectual and physical aspects, cause him to be better than one who let one aspect of life dominate the whole of him.

A very popular history maker who is unbeatable in the field of music globally is Ludwig Van Beethoven. He was a German composer and pianist. At 26, he started to develop tinnitus which caused complete deafness. Prior to this defect, he has been known in his musical performances. Beethoven later expressed his symptoms and the difficulties of being deaf to his friends since it caused a drastic change in both his professional and social life.
Beethoven, on the advice of his doctor, lived in the small Austrian town just outside Vienna in an attempt to come to terms with his condition. But then he resolved to continue living for and through his art. Beethoven did not let this unpleasant condition bring him down. Instead of allowing it to cause a de-synergistic effect on his life, he chose to let his passion, strength and influence in music produce a synergistic effect on his life.

Another example is John Forbes Nash Jr. (1928), an American mathematician and economist whose works in game theory, differential geometry, and partial differential equations. During the later part of his life, he shared the 1994 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economic Sciences.
Nash is also the subject of the Hollywood movie A Beautiful Mind, which was nominated for eight Academy Awards (winning four). The film, based very loosely on the biography of the same name, focuses on Nash's mathematical genius and his struggle with paranoid schizophrenia. Though he was psychologically disturbed, his intellectual strength brought him to height in history.
On the other hand, de-synergy has a detrimental effect on an individual. Ereblog’s Journal terms de-synergy as “antithy.” It defined as “A detrimental mixing of two or more elements that produces a result less than each individual’s capacity.” Thus, it simple negates the principle of synergy that the whole is greater than the some of its parts.
Or, “The whole is less than the sum of the parts.”
Or, “ 1 +1 = < 2” it can be 1 + 1= 1.5 or 1 + 1= 0.5
Example there are those persons who are physically healthy but suffers from psychoemotional problem that causes them to be depress having a personality disorder. The example above explains how the psychoemotional aspect of man can cause desynergy or antithy to his personality.
    3. The Philosophy of Love
According to Dr. Narag in his book Way of Love “The Science and Secrets of Winning the Love of your life
         “Love is the expression of concern, care, or deep affection wherein wisdom is ruling over emotion and passion, while infatuation is the expression of passion wherein emotion and sexual intention is over wisdom and reason”
VI. Musician
 Dr. Narag wrote the book Guitar Genius and My Composed Songs wherein he express his emotions in singing praises, Some of which will be seen in U tube .<ref>Dr. Richard Vincent Narag, 2009, “Guitar Genius and Music Theory” Happy Hands Publishing House. Caloocan City, Philippines, ISBN 978-971-94592-1-7</ref> <ref>Dr. RVN, 2009, “Way of Love” Happy Hands Publishing House. Caloocan City, Philippines, ISBN 978-971-94592-2-4</ref>.
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